what is the best method to remove gas stains or oil stains off concrete driveway many thanks?

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  1. I’ve tried lots of things over the years, but nothing beats a box of Tide powder detergent, a stiff broom and a hose.

    Wet the spot, sprinkle the Tide, brush it hard with the broom, let it sit for at least five minutes, wash it off.

  2. Muratic Acid. You can find in at Swimming Pool Supply or Hardware stores.
    Mix one gal of acid with four gal of water in a five gal bucket. DO NOT BREATH FUMES.
    Just spread mixture on affected area and let it work for 10 minutes or so and rinse with hose. Repeat as needed. Worked very well for me. By the way… I had to treat my entire driveway. The affected area became White(Clean), so to make the concrete all 1 color I did the whole thing.

  3. get a box of cheap, powdered automatic dishwasher detergent. Wet the concrete, pour the powder on the spots and brush it around with a broom. Let it sit for an hour or 2 and wash it off. repeat as necessary. It will bleach the concrete if it’s left on too long.

  4. i work for RNJ HOME IMPROVEMENT and i can say we use a powerwasher of 3000 psi, this very little machines cost about $400 but in a year it will earn its keep, for starters, now you can clean your driveway with it, and be carefull not to put your fingers or hand in front of the tip, it may clean cut your hand, you can powerwash your entire home and keep a clean appearance, we charge $450 to clean a home and it only take us thirty minutes to do so. so back to your drive way they also sell this brand new power wash plate that it acts as a rotating line that cleans simultaneously a radius of eighteen inches, so you can clean your drive way in about five minutes, for questions please write me to http://rnjhomeimprovement.blogspot.com/

  5. You may have soap or cleaners already in your home that will help, and I’ll lean to Oxyclean, or a more concentrated sodium percarbonate product (like a few deck cleaners). I would avoid acids or corrosive products which could weaken the concrete surface, leading to spalling and roughness. For better results, look into actual concrete cleaning products. Having given you a reasonably responsible answer, I now feel free to share that I’ve had fairly good results with dry absorbent material on really sludgey spots and sweeping, followed by pouring some gasoline on the area and tossing a lit match down.

  6. Loosen the stain with a good degreasing cleaner (Dawn) and a stiff brush. Allow to soak and lift the oils for at least five minutes (do not allow to dry). Rinse off with a power washer (rented if you do not want to buy 1 or have a friend that has one).