what is the florida building code requirement for the depth of a concrete driveway?

I would like to know how thick the slab for a concrete driveway should be for a residential home

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  1. Check with your city building department. You will require a permit for it.
    After preparing the proper required base, the code will likely require about eight inches of
    reinforced concrete, possibly with expansion joints.

  2. Actually you need to comply with the local code; check with the local building commission.

  3. Ask at the local building department in your jurisdiction. Codes vary and you don’t state what town or county you are building.

  4. The general building code requirements for residential driveways are,
    for an average family car only; Concrete: five inches Sub- base: six inches.
    For heavier vehicles, such as a delivery truck: Concrete:6 inches Sub-base six inches.
    Now that is assuming it will be laid on firm sub soil. If you have clay soil or peat, increase the thickness by about fifty percent. The same goes for putting it on a brand new site where the soil hasn’t been compacted down. Lay a sub-base of compacted gravel below the paving. That will absorb any kind of ground movement without affecting the concrete. If it is to be against your house, make sure you allow for expansion, and make it angle at one inch per yard which will allow for water run off. 🙂

  5. I have a concrete driveway laid in 2012 by D R Horton. The driveway has 30 feet of continuous concrete with no expansion cuts whatsoever. Consequently there is a large crack all across the driveway that is almost 1/2 inch raised over the balance of concrete. I have checked all other driveways in our community
    (Arlington Ridge in Leesburg, Fl) and they all have expansion cuts every 8 feet or so. Can you tell me if the Contractor is obliged to make expansion cuts. The builder has currently refused to acknowledge my claim.

    • Your home builder obviously skimped on the concrete install… it can easily be shown that such an install REQUIRES the joints or the end result will be as you have experienced. Get a good lawyer to file claim and also consider running down other DRHorton new home buyers who are having similar problems for a possible combined or class claim.

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