How can I stretch a garden hose to my garden without it lying across my concrete driveway?

I have a garden on 1 side of my property. On the other side of my property is the only hose facet which my house has. With this year already being so hot I’ve decided to install an automatic hose timer. The only problem is, since I’ve started to use …

i have a cracked concrete driveway. what is a cheap way to make it look better?

Best driveway surface asphalt or concrete?

Gravel or Crushed Concrete for a Driveway?

We’re wanting to put in a driveway and were intending to put gravel down as the surface material (we are not planning to pave over it). A friend told us that crushed concrete (which is about the same price) is better because it packs harder. Would …

Concrete Driveway Mixture Method?

Do you know any methods I can use or where I can find a method on how to make the mixture to concrete a driveway?
No, I need a Step-By-Step Method that includes how much of what I need to use.
Stone, Sand, Water etc.
Actually this is for a ho…

Help with rising driveway concrete slabs?

We’ve noticed that a slab of concrete in our driveway has risen up, and we believe it is because water has been seeping in under the slab (frost heaving?) into the soil and freezing, causing the concrete to rise up. Are there any home solutions that …

Looking to paint my concrete driveway?

What is the best to paint my concrete driveway without chipping?

crack repair on concrete driveway?

i have a solid cement drive way with the printed pattern on it and i have a big crack running through it the man said when this happens they’ll put a resin in it and you wont notice the crack. the man doesn’t do it anymore and i cant get hold of him …

how do i figure out how much concrete i will need for a driveway?

4 thick, 7′ wide, 16′ long.

Landlord appears to be concreting the whole driveway?

Is this legal without appropriate notice to tenants? It means we will be unable to park in our car ports and will have to park out in the street, in a not so safe area (car thefts, vandalism etc).
It’s not the ghetto. It’s just close to town where dr…