crack repair on concrete driveway?

i have a solid cement drive way with the printed pattern on it and i have a big crack running through it the man said when this happens they’ll put a resin in it and you wont notice the crack. the man doesn’t do it anymore and i cant get hold of him to see what resin it is they use dose anyone know the best resin to use? i think it has to be a clear resin so it matches the Colour.
Thanks for help in advance

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  1. there are hundreds of companies that do resin repairs to concrete or you can buy a tub yourself and do it

  2. === take some good photos with you and visit the local hardware GIANT [[[ like Lowe’s or the Home Depot ]]]] and rely on their advice for those available repair products == concrete patch is a resin and some of those others are good also == it is difficult to patch concrete and have it match so you may fix the crack and the patch can be close but not the same color …. the fixes that are available in the states and mexico that I know about will do the job — about across the pond , , you will have to rely on those local products ……….

  3. thats a good reason its not popular in the uk ..once cracked ..its impossible to hide the repair

  4. You can pick up four or five different types of products at home depot and lows to do this… some crack repair is done with resin, some with epoxy resin, and others with a cheap rubbery like silicone based grey caulk.. No Perfect way to repair a crack, usually it will get worse no matter what over time, you can only very slow it down and make it look a lil better. Few different sites on the web have how to crack repair. My favorite sites for concrete how too is and I will leave link in source. Also if you want a pro to do it, just look up local concrete repair companies.