Concrete Driveway Mixture Method?

Do you know any methods I can use or where I can find a method on how to make the mixture to concrete a driveway?
No, I need a Step-By-Step Method that includes how much of what I need to use.
Stone, Sand, Water etc.
Actually this is for a homework, here’s all the information I have:
Hypothesis: The strength of concrete depends on the amount of stone added to the concrete before leaving to set.

Then we have to write out a Method. Which is the point of this question.
My teacher told me to find a method from the internet and to include the source.

Risk assessment issues

Relating the investigation to the context: You are going to concrete your driveway and want to make sure you choose the right mixture so it will support your car when it sets.

Then we have questions like:
Describe briefly how you’d carry out a preliminary investigation to find a suitable value to use for this variable.
You should also explain how the results of this work will help you to decide on the best value for this variable.
Another question is:
Describe how you plan to do your investigation to test the hypothesis given.
[Then their i
…Then their is a list of things we need to include].

But I cannot answer these questions until I have a method.
Great information!
Can you do a Step one … Step two … Step three
type of thing for me with the measurements in grams e.g. 50g of Stone etc.

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  1. you either buy it ready mixed or hire a cement mixer and buy the sand/gravel cement and mix it yourself very hard work and unless you measure the mixtures correctly you have a patchy unstable
    pad you need to know a bit what you are doing ie setting out tamping and mixing it quick enough to manage it and no joins

  2. first tell us how long the driveway is ..and how wide ..we can then work out if its viable for you to mix it by yourself ..allso is there a driveway there at the moment or does it need to be dug out ..theres a whole lot more to it than just how to mix concrete ADD so its homework ..concrete in the uk is a mix of materials ..the materials are pebble or stone or washed sand ..same material but different name around the uk ..and portland cement ..a good mix for foundations is Nine 1 ..and a strong mix .say for a drive is Six 1 ..many people will say Nine 1 is too weak ..but the mix is six pebbles -3 sharp sand-1 cement ….the actual mix is Three 1 …because the pebbles are only coated with the sand and cement mix ..the pebbles absorb nothing …below the concrete for the drive you should have 150mm 6 of hardcore …you cannot put concrete onto dirt …and every Twelve 15 ft of driveway you need to leave an expansion strip …or concrete will expand and crack …i used to work for ready mixed concrete before i became a builder …all items used to mix and make concrete is weighted out 600lbs stone ..300lbs sand ..100lbs cement ..even the water was weighted

  3. The strength of concrete also depends on how much water you use – the more water the weaker the concrete. Also the amount of cement – no less than 10% by volume.
    Step 1. Dry mix sand and stones. Use twice the volume of sand to the volume of stone.
    Step 2. (Hand mixing) Dry mix in the cement then pile the dry mixture into a heap.
    Step 3. Make the heap into a volcano-shape.
    Step 4. Pour on 1 gallon of water into the depression in the middle of the volcano-shape.
    Step 5. Move the dry mixture from the base of the volcano into the middle. Work your way around the volcano trying to prevent the water from escaping.
    Step 6. Add more water, as necessary with a fine hose watering can if possible. Otherwise splash it about everrywhere.
    Step 7. Stop before it becomes too sloppy.
    Step 8. Shovel into a barrow and tip into position. Spread around with another person and a long piece of wood.
    Step 9. When nearly dry – polish up with a sleet float (tool).
    You do not measure concrete in grammes. Measurements are based on a 25kg bag of cement or by volume using a 1 gallon bucket.