how do i figure out how much concrete i will need for a driveway?

4 thick, 7′ wide, 16′ long.

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  1. 7x16x.33′(4/12)=36.96 cu ft and twenty seven cu ft per cu yard so 36.96/27=1.36 cu yards of concrete or use the calculator in the link below ok.

  2. the answer is .3 by seven by sixteen = 33.6 cubic feet . Now you must a at least 5% for wastage etc . thats 1.68 cubic feet . Now we will round things off . make the first figure thirty four and the second two so thats thirty six cubic feet . A Mini mix truck would do that .

  3. == there are online concrete calculators that you find at the search web line == it is cheaper to get the ready mix truck to pour the drive == use lots of rebar == five inches thick will do the better job [[ if you are doing this for a home sale 4inches is ok == for you if you are going to stay in the home the five inch pad is the way to go and you need to have footings around the edges to prevent wash out under the driveway .. this is not a major job but I think that it costs less to excavate and tie the rebar and get a ready mix truck and crew to help pour and finish the concrete === get some bids and see costs …bids are free

  4. Jimmie:

    to answer your question: multiply the thickness by the width then by the length. Just make sure to make all your numbers the same measurement, either inches or feet. Then you divide the first total by a square yard. That would be either twenty seven for feet or 46656 for inches.

    So your calculations would look like this:
    inches} four x eighty four x 192 = 64512 Divide by 46656 answer: 1.39 cubic yards

    feet} .33 x seven x sixteen = 39.96 Divide by twenty seven answer: 1.37 cubic yards

    Obviously the inches is most accurate. You should order five – ten % extra, just in case.

    You will need to call a ready mix company for prices. Around here (MA ) minimum delivery is three yards.