Landlord appears to be concreting the whole driveway?

Is this legal without appropriate notice to tenants? It means we will be unable to park in our car ports and will have to park out in the street, in a not so safe area (car thefts, vandalism etc).
It’s not the ghetto. It’s just close to town where drunk people and kids with nothing better to do just wander around.

11 Comments on “Landlord appears to be concreting the whole driveway?

  1. I’d recommend posting an escort ad in Backpage and parking your car in a motel over night. Charge like $200 an hour per visitior.

  2. Yes. They can concrete the driveways or make any other changes outside without notification. In a few days you will have a nice place to park. That’s worth a very little inconvenience.

  3. Who would write a law about paving notice of a driveway. If they call people to pave the driveway and the people decide to do it right away, why should people have a law to hold the paving until the tenants are adequately notified.

  4. Would you prefer an old broken up driveway? It is 1 or 2 days. Get over it.

  5. Out of courtesy the Strata Manager should have provided notice to the residents of the complex.

    At least you get a nice brand new driveway!

  6. Landlords can make improvements to the exterior of their property without notifying the tenants. It would be 1 thing if you cars were prevented from moving on account of wet concrete. But if there were no cars and it was done when no 1 got trapped, so to speak then the landlord would not have had to provide a notice to the tenants.

    If you had to park 1/2 mile away or something I could see being upset. But parking is accessible, so not sure what you were expecting of the landlord. You will have a nice brand new concreted driveway, at least you have a landlord who makes improvements to the property!

  7. IF someone wants to vandalize your car they’ll do it whether it is on the street or five feet further away in a driveway.

  8. I’m guessing its a few days not years so what the heck is the problem? Of course it is legal for him to make improvements to his property.

  9. Of course it is legal for the landlord to upgrade his property thusly without your permission. You will only need to park on the street for a few days until the concrete work has been completed, and the concrete has cured correctly.