Looking to paint my concrete driveway?

What is the best to paint my concrete driveway without chipping?

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  1. use a masonry or stone paint. i’m not sure if there’s such thing as masonry or stone floor paint but ordinary should do. go to a local DIY shop like B&Q and they’ll point you in the right way

  2. once you paint it will require maintenance, I would consider deep cleaning first. Possibly a Masonry top coat of some kind. If you are going to invest in a product do your research first

  3. Nowadays there are tons of things you can put on a driveway. My best advice is to use a sealer that soaks through, making the concrete impervious to moisture. That way water can’t get under the surface and freeze, thus spalling the surface (like my driveway is currently).

    You can use an epoxy based sand mixture to retexture your driveway. They even have vinyl coverings that are supposed to stand up to the elements and not be slippery. How good they’re I have no idea. But there are things like that out there.

    Next chance you get go to a local home show and check out the products available. Like I mentioned, my driveway is in deplorable condition. I’m having a guy come out to give me an estimate in the next 2 weeks. When the brand new driveway is down I plan on using a clear sealer (as suggested). I COULD put down an epoxy based sand covering but the driveway is already falling apart. The sand would end up looking horrid. So start with a good foundation then protect it. The vinyl idea? Though interesting, I do not think that’s the way I’d go.

    Hope this helps.

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  4. what ever you do…. make sure that you don’t use a paint that will be slippery. the last thing you want is an insurance claim against you. consult with the paint dept prior to purchasing the paint.

  5. Without question DO NOT PAINT with normal concrete paint etc.
    it doesn’t adhere long term (12mths +)
    Use concrete sealer with or without colour for effect or geta professional spray paver (topcrete)
    to put a pattern and colour that with add value , safety and look great as well.
    The hidden cost of painting driveways is the removal when you realise it is peeling off and discover that @ $18 per square metre to remove (average driveway is fifty fivesq m) so that is about $935.00 just to remove the paint.

    Neil Hills
    Owner –
    Australasian Concrete Specialists