What's the job outlook for a landscape architect in Israel?

What kind of salary can be expected? Is this a financially secure career choice? I plan on moving to Israel after college and am neither good at engineering nor computer science. I’m looking for something that can comfortably support a family. Any information at all would be much appreciated.

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  1. As long as you have no moral issue with working on stolen land you should be fine.

  2. The majority of landscape architects never been financially secure anywhere in the world.
    It needs ages to be such a well known architect
    In Israel, the people there has a serious problem that everyone thinks he knows everything. You will end working in Kibbutz for Three 5 bucks pocket money

    4-5 bucks a day not a monthly salary

  3. There are jobs that you can do that will earn you a comfortable living, but I’m unaware on the landscape architect job market in Israel, or in general.

    I’d say that many Israelis do not have large yards and a greater percentage do it themselves. That’s just an Israeli mentality thing – here in the States, we’re more likely to pay someone, but Israelis aren’t so lazy concerning manual labor.

    Starting a business and establishing yourself as a brand new Aliyah might be difficult, and I also am unaware on how that’ll effect things too.

    The Kibbutz thing isn’t a bad idea, for general outdoor work. Kibbutzim do not need to look glamorous, and they usually do not hire outsiders anyway, and are well established.

    Though, that’s to say that it’s not hopeless. They may need someone like you for plans to help develop the Negev, as Israelis sometimes attempt, and if you have no issue with it, work in the Settlements might be something you can do.

  4. Shut up, Ehrlichman. I told you not come back on here, so perhaps you do not hear so well. Israel didn’t steal the land from those nerds over there, and even if they did, then great, I’m glad. They’re the ones who celebrated our 9/11 and I hope Israel bulldozes their homes.

    Israel rocks; Palestinians stink.