How can I stretch a garden hose to my garden without it lying across my concrete driveway?

I have a garden on 1 side of my property. On the other side of my property is the only hose facet which my house has. With this year already being so hot I’ve decided to install an automatic hose timer. The only problem is, since I’ve started to use this timer I constantly have a hose lying across my drive/parking lot. Since concrete surrounds the facet and extends to the side of my garden I’m limited on what I can do. With this said, I have a chain-link fence which extends from next to my facet to the edge of my garden.

Does anyone know how I can get my hose to my garden without it being on my concrete (hazard) or without it looking messy?

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  1. Have you tried snaking it around the back of your house? Perhaps adding an extension to lengthen the hose?

  2. Call a plumber with trenchless technology and have the install a pipe from 1 side to the other with spigots.

  3. Raise the hose with bean poles or ladders or go under the driveway or go around the house. The only other option is to have another faucet installed where you need it.

  4. run it between 2 2×4’s — taper 1 edge of each 1 if you want to . That way you can drive over it without a problem. Fasten the ends of the 2×4’s together with a space for the hose to keep them at the right distance apart. 🙂

  5. I am guessing your hose is about 5/8 inch in diameter, you can use a couple 1X6 lay the hose between them and fasten them together at the end so the boards do not spread apart and run your hose between the boards, which can be painted to pretty well match your concrete. of you did not say if the garage is next to it you can cue pvc and a short hose to connect it to your faucet or a Y splitter to connect it go up the side, over your garage door and down on the other side and put a faucet there and run your hose off of it.