How can I secure pebbles to a concrete patio to prevent slipping?

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  1. I suspect the slipping is on account of algae. If you use a watering can occasionally with a fine rose and a solution of bleach it will remove the algae and grip should return. Wear old trousers and wellies each time as very little holes will appear in clothes. Another solution would be to pressure wash the concrete. This tends to roughen up the surface. Or you could lay slabs on top if you wished. Pebbles won’t adhere well and are not ideal to walk on.

  2. You could put down a layer of fresh concrete and ‘press’ the pebbles into the concrete to form a relatively flat pathway and it looks good.

  3. I was in France last week and noticed lots of trees in some streets with about four square metres of pebbles around them, the pebbles were mixed with some sort of clear resin before they were spread out, looked very natural but the pebbles were immovable, so they would not get scattered around. Maybe do a similar thing with yours if you can find the product.

    ADDED>> this is exactly what I meant,

  4. You can buy paint that will give you the texture of pebbles, without the bulk….
    It is a special concrete paint that will seal and protect the floor, and the surface
    will be non-slip
    Try Home-Hardware or Lowes…