How much concrete would I need for my patio for a DIY project?

I am building a patio in my backyard and measure where I want it to be at 19” width by 30” length and want to know with these measurements how much concrete mix would I need to complete this job. I was thinking maybe about sixty bags of 50lbs concrete mix.
Thanks everyone! My measurements are in feet.

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  1. 19×30

    would only take about two bags of concrete.

  2. I’m assuming you mean feet NOT inches

    19′ X 30′

    An area 19′ wide X 30′ length X 4 deep will take seven cubic yards of concrete. There are twenty seven cubic feet to 1 yard.

    Quick-krete concrete eighty pound bag makes 2/3 of one cubic foot. Or forty two bags to one cubic yard with a very little amount left over.

    For an area of 19′ X 30′ X 4 you will need 294 bags of Quick-krete eighty pound concrete mix

  3. Per your statement, I presume you ment the dimensions to be 19′ x 30′. feet not inches. On Quickrete bags there is a concrete mix calculator. You have a total of 570 sq. ft., Quickrete states for every one hundred sf you will need 89, 50# bags of concrete for a 4 slab. So, divide 570 by one hundred , this equals 5.7 . Multiply that number by eighty nine and you will need 507.3 , 50# bags. Order a truck you’ll need twenty two yards of cement..If by chance you are only doing a small pad, nineteen inches by thirty inches you will only need 3.95 bags, buy five just incase, you can always return if the extra is not needed.