i have a cracked concrete driveway. what is a cheap way to make it look better?

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  1. You could try Confetti. But be careful it does not blow away.

  2. You could fill the cracks with Concrete Patch and then use a concrete paint to make it look better.

  3. Fill in the cracks then after they cure use the concrete paint (in link). It was the most popular concrete paint in our store.

  4. Polymer-based cement resurfacers are formulated to transform cracked, spalled, weatherworn concrete to like-new condition. The top dressing we used, Ardex All-Purpose Concrete Resurfacer, is made of portland cement and high-performance polymers.

    It’s mixed with water and applied with a steel trowel, squeegee or push broom to a thickness of only 1/16 inch. One Twenty lb. bag costs about $25 and covers fifty to sixty square feet.

    Besides patios and driveways, Ardex can be used to resurface concrete stairs, sidewalks, garage floors, and most vertical surfaces. For our project, we resurfaced a 9 X Twenty Seven foot driveway and three X Eighteen foot walkway using 6 bags of Ardex.

    It took 2 people 5 hours to complete the job. The work isn’t particularly difficult, but the pace is frenetic. Once the water is mixed in, you’ve got less than thirty minutes to apply the concrete dressing.

    For optimum results, work on a day with low humidity, no rain and an air temperature ranging between 70° and 75°F. The surface temperature of the existing concrete must be at least 50°F.