How much does it cost to make a concrete patio fourteen by twenty and six inches deep?

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  1. $3,453,164 if you lace it with gold.

  2. If you make it out of snow and ice, not much.

    But it will not last very long in the summer.

    Woo hoo, the snowmobile is back from the repair shop. Gotta go!!


  3. What’s concrete cost these days? You have to rent a mixer?

  4. Not sure, but we had our patio extended four years ago.. the job proposal said that it was $8.50 sq ft.. This would be a rough estimate of what it might cost now and it might depend on where you live.. This was in North TX .

  5. That depends on the location where you live.

    You should expect a cost anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000 in most places.

  6. ( fourteen * twenty ) * .5 = 140 cu ft
    140 / 9 ( cu ft in a cubic yard ) = 15.5 cu/ yd
    Next q
    are you doing the labor yourself ??

  7. I assume you mean feet. This equals 140 cubic feet of concrete or a very little over five cubic yards. That is about half a truck load so will run you about $100 to $150 per cubic yard. That is just the truck delivering it, the layout, pour and smooth will cost you more unless you do it yourself. So just plain concrete will be $500 to $750

    Are you going to put proper base under the concrete? Are you going to use the correct amount of rebar to hold it all together? Are you going to use proper 6 bag mix of cement? All that will add more.

    If it is just a straight driveway with nothing fancy but done right, you can figure around $5000 for it, depending upon your location and prep work.

  8. It would take about six cubic yards of concrete, depends on the price in your area , if its one hundred per yard you’d spend 600. Then you might need a concrete pump which again depends on the price in your area about 350 to 300, but first you’d need to form work around your patio and again it depends on the aream if it is fairly level it would be cheap about 200 t0 300, but if its unlevel it could take more work and you might need to buy fill to level the ground.. Then you should hire a mason to finish the concrete about 150 to 200.
    my guess it would cost about 1500 to 2000 dollars

  9. 21,000 Cheap!!!!!