Best driveway surface asphalt or concrete?

6 Comments on “Best driveway surface asphalt or concrete?

  1. By far concrete is the best.its cost effective, and will last you the rest of your life. Remember concrete
    Is what nuclear bunkers are made out of lol. Plus if installed correctly consisting of gridwire and poured at least six inches thick with expansion joints every twelve ft should accomidate almost all vehicles.
    I would reccomend crusher run gravel in your mix and a broom finnish at a right angle(across your driveway). Good luck 🙂

  2. rubberized, sandy astroturf. or track surface. maybe even gym floor with extra extra weatherproof laminate. wtv sports your kids like…be the dad of their dreams!

  3. Concrete costs more but will last forever. It will develop cracks if the ground beneath it is unstable like clays which swell when wet then shrink when dry. To counter that a rebar grid is used along with the wire mesh. The mesh just keeps the cracked sections in place when that does occur. The rebar makes the slab more rigid to resist cracking.

    Asphalt works fine though requires periodic sealing and filling of cracks when they develop. It can be overlaid with fresh asphalt years later if needed plus is much easier to remove if desired.