Can limestone flagstones increase soil pH in a garden?

Thinking about using scrap pieces of limestone to build a walkway in our garden but have been warned that rain will dissolve the limestone over time causing lime to leach into the soil and the soil pH to become too high. Wondering if anyone has seen this happen. While I can see how limestone will dissolve from the acids that can occur in rainwater it seems like those acids will also affect the soil so the dissolved lime might actually be beneficial?

4 Comments on “Can limestone flagstones increase soil pH in a garden?

  1. Limestone flagstones will increase the soil pH over time making it high. This is a well known, well documented, repeatable fact.

  2. Well, if this happens, you can always add sulfur to your garden and increase the acidity. But with all the acid rain, even the leaching out of the limestone, I do not think you have to worry much.

  3. if it does bleed out It won’t change your lawn,it may do it some good, you should lime your yard any way, plus the lime is used up by the grass fast

  4. It will need literally ages for normal rainfall to dissolve sufficient lime from pieces of limestone to affect the pH of the soil in your garden.Finely crushed lime is used in agriculture to reduce the acidity of soil,
    depending on the crops which are being cultivated the addition of lime could be helpful.