Atheists, what's the harm in believing in Thor? Surely walking the flagstones of Valhalla would be nice?

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  1. I do. This is the story of creation, and I will turn it into a scientific theory, and then go out to find a non-related trace amount evidance and ridicule evolution for having a few gaps

    In the beginning, there were 2 regions: Muspellsheimr in the south, full of fire, light and heat; and Niflheimr in the north, full of arctic waters, mists, and cold.Between them stretched the yawning emptiness of Ginnungagap, and into it poured sparks and smoke from the south and layers of rime-ice and glacial rivers from the north. As heat and cold met in Ginnungagap, a living Jǫtunn, Ymir, appeared in the melting ice. From his left armpit, the first man and woman were born. From his legs, the frost jötnar were born. Ymir fed on the milk of the cow Auðhumla. She licked the blocks of salty ice, releasing Buri.

    Buri’s son Bor had 3 sons, the gods Óðinn, Vili and Vé. The 3 slew Ymir, and all of the frost giants but Bergelmir were drowned in the blood. From Ymir’s body, they made the world of humans: his blood the seas and lakes, his flesh the earth, his bones the mountains and his teeth the rocks. From his skull they made the dome of the sky, setting a dwarf at each of the 4 corners to hold it high above the earth. They protected it from the jötnar with a wall made from Ymir’s eyebrows. Next they caused time to exist, sending Night and Day to drive around the heavens in horse drawn chariots. They also set a girl Sun and a boy Moon on paths across the sky. These 2 must drive fast to outrun the wolves who pursued them.

  2. It would have been cool to kill Ice Giants, why do they get all of the fun?

  3. Being able to become a God would be pretty awesome. I mean if you can hang out with Thor, I’m pretty sure he could give you powers. Hooray for Thor!

  4. If I was going to worship any god, it would definitely be the Lady Sif.

    I have no problem with any religion that does not try to inflict their theology on me or others.

  5. Believing in propositions without sufficient evidence circumvents your ability to reason. It is this ability that gives humans their survival edge.