I Found A Tombstone In The Ditch?

A few days ago I was walking down my road and I saw something in the ditch near my neighbor’s house. I did not know what it was so I went to the ditch and pulled it out, only to find it was a block of concrete(it did not weigh too much though because it wasn’t very big).
Anyways, I only realized it was a tombstone when I saw the inscriptions on the front of the concrete which weren’t the easiest to read.
It said/says: ‘Godric
Now, I think the whole thing is a very little strange but it’s not so much finding it that freaks me out.
I took the tombstone and put it in my room, despite my mom’s protests(anything that is old she thinks is filthy, it seems)because I thought it would be a neat decorative item, you know. But, since I’ve had it in there, weird things have been happening that spook me out. Like, for instance, last night I was trying to go to sleep when my door popped open. I sprang up like a jack-in-the-box, lol, because it scared the crap out of me. I figured my brother had done it to be mean but when I went and looked out my doorway there was no 1 there. So I went back to bed, telling myself my brother had just ran down the hall before I could see him after he did his very little prank.
Also, I locked the door this time so that it wouldn’t happen again.
Well, sometime around midnight I woke up because I heard something scratching at my door. I froze, because it sounded like my door was being scratched from the inside of my room and I have NO pets or animals in my room that could be scratching my door and I was the only 1 in there.
Suddenly, I heard the door lock click, like it was being unlatched. Then, after a minute or two, the door swung back. I nearly had a heart attack. Never been so scared before in my life. I just sat there shaking in the dark. After awhile I got up the courage to walk out my room and go into the living room to sleep on the couch.
The next day everything was fine until when I went in my room room to go to sleep. I left the door open this time and left on my light(I was really that scared). I felt really uncomfortable lying in bed because I felt like there was someone else there even though I had knowledge there wasn’t. So I scolded myself, picked up a book, and read for a very little while. I was getting ready to put the book up when the light suddenly went out and my door slammed shut. I screamed bloody murder and in like 5 seconds my mom was pounding on my door, trying to get it open. She kept telling me to unlock it but I couldn’t quit screaming and I was too scared to do anything. Eventually she got in somehow and turned on the light and went over to me. She said she did not know what the hell was wrong with me but that I better cut it out. So I went to sleep on the couch again that night.
Today I haven’t had anything happen, though it is daytime. Should I put the tombstone back in the ditch or do you think the spirit or whatever the hell it is is going to not leave even if I do that?
I have had ghost activity before this but it was never so frightening. Please, what do I do???

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  1. WOW
    sounds like something straight out of the movie Paranormal Activity.
    I would put it back. If it does not work, start praying. ^_^

  2. Just go put it back in the ditch! And just in case go to a church and tell them about this and they’ll give you holy water and bless you, with that holy water, just like spray it around your room, k? hope that helps!
    And the reason that probably happened was because like they say R.I.P and you did not let that person rest in peace!

  3. Yeah, I’m not buying it. Using Godric, a name straight out of Harry Potter and True Blood, was a lifeless giveaway.

    There’s a whole other forum for posting fictional stories.

  4. Umm, well you need to do some experimenting. Trial and error stuff.

    Take the tombstone into your garden or somewhere and hide it well. Then go back to your house and get some sleep. If nothing weird happens it was obviously the tombstone.

    Chances are, if you put it back in the ditch, it will leave you alone.
    On the other hand, I highly doubt that someone was buried there, so maybe some had stolen it and ‘Godric’ had haunted them, so they dumped it.

    You should try and see if a graveyard is missing a tombstone.

    Oh, and do not worry about the apparent ghost. Leave a bowl of salt and bread-crumbs outside your door; it keeps spirits away.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  5. well you did put it back were you found it and that is something.

    maybe it was just trying to get your attention, but perhaps you should talk to your priest.

    you may try and contact an archaeologist, or your local museum and they can take the stone and see more about this Godric who lived from 1895 to 1986. that is ninety one years.

  6. Besides what you wrote, if the cops ever see, guess who goes to jail and gets to bunk with bubba? Yeah, you for grave robbing and desecration. Call the cops and tell them you found it, turn that baby in.

    Oh yeah and get a priest to exorcist that room dude.

  7. I think you should call the law enforcement and tell them where you found the stone and where it is now. You can give them the impression that you just found it yesterday if that will make it easier for you, and you can also at least imply that you took it home because you did not know what else to do.. You can even put it back where you found it and then call them. Or of course you can tell the truth, but you may be afraid to do that. In any case, the stone was almost certainly stolen from a cemetery and dumped in that ditch, a fact that makes it a law enforcement matter. The family of the person whose grave it marked may have realized that it’s missing and reported the disappearance. Even if no 1 has, the law enforcement will have access to records that should enable them toidentify the person who should be lying under that stone and to restore it to its proper place.

    I’m sure those strange occurrences will stop once you’ve done the right thing.

  8. Never disturb anything of the dead! Huh…..