best concrete cleaner de-greaser patio?

I’ve placed Thomson’s water sealer on my concrete backyard patio. Some of the areas are now black and splotchy. What’s the best de-greaser to use to help with those areas?

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  1. Kerosene & Tide [powder] soap and a stiff scrub brush
    [that’s how we clean our service bay,]
    will remove grease, stains, etc

  2. First, don’t use kerosene anywhere near grass, planting beds or any other environmentally sensitive area. WOW! what a wretched suggestion!

    TSP (trisodium phosphate) in a power-washer is 1 option if you are not near any lakes, rivers or streams (TSP is significant source of phosphorous, a plant and algae stimulant). It is a strong degreaser and will dissolve such stains without leaving a toxic residue. You may purchase it at any hardware or paint store.

    Household ammonia mixed 1:1 with hot water and a few drops of liquid dish detergent used with a stiff-bristle scrub-brush will do the same. Wear good gloves when you use this mix.

    Neither are toxic to plants or grass – both, in fact, are good for most plants.

    Thompsons Water Seal is a mixture of hydrocarbons and – depending on the formula – treated linseed oil. Of all that things you can put on concrete (or a deck) it is amongst the poorest performers and worst things in general. It is toxic to plants, toxic in the soil and is extremely high in VOCs. And, all too often, you get the results you see. Unfortunately, Thompsons has the nation very nearly brainwashed into believing it is the ne plus ultra in that market. They’re not. Look for Sikkens or Defy products if you want to actually do some good.

    Link below.

  3. Go to Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-mart and find Greased Lightning. This is the best industrial detergent product for grease and oil deposits on the dry-way, patio furniture, siding your grill and most hard material deposits. It’s comes in small containers a convenience & economy Gallon size as well. Good luck…!