Should Yahoo Answers Stop Allowing Questions to so Easily be Deleted?

What is up with this anti-1st amendment crowd on Y/A?

My question was about Freemasonry and why are GOPs allowed to join. I enjoy going to Lodge but many of my brothers are republican which baffles me as Masonry is supposed to be about spiritual enlightenment which is anti-republican.

14 Comments on “Should Yahoo Answers Stop Allowing Questions to so Easily be Deleted?

  1. Republicans are not necessarily against spiritual enlightenment.

  2. Maybe bcause you make the false assumption that spiritual enlightenment isnt a GOP value. That makes you ill informed

  3. questions should be allowed, rants are another story

  4. Just list the id of the person who complained. Do the same for the stupid thumbs.
    On the other hand, you appear to be another partisan moron with some really stupid stereotypes stuck in your brain….and it gets a very little obnoxious.

  5. anything asked by a liberal should be deleted promptly as it will no doubt be full of lies and deceit.

  6. You have to block the ones you think are Reporting you and you will not get so many deleted

  7. Yahoo should be fined a million dollars each time they violate someones rights!!! Payable to that person!!

    I’m rich, I’m filthy rich!!!!!

  8. If your stuff gets deleted, just post more.

    That’s what I do.

  9. Yes.

    FYI, do not ask this:

    When is Obama’nation going to start bombing Yemen like he did Libya?


    Why does not the international community feel the same urgency to intervence in Yemen that they did in Libya?

    I literally had ten of these kinds of questions deleted in about six minutes. They all stayed up less than a minute. It was kind of insane…

  10. It used to be all Liberal now its all neocon. I do not comprehend why they can’t just put someone there that is fair.

  11. I agree. If I was worried about being offended, I wouldn’t come here in the first place.

  12. OMG! YES!
    Just mention Obama’nation in a question and …POOF!
    The dam thing is gone fater than you can say LEFTY LOON!

  13. As to spiritual enlightenment, you’ve failed to grasp those lessons. I’d advise you to go back to the northeast corner and start again