How can i drill my patio furniture in a concrete patio .?

I had my patio furniture stolen last year and i have purchased a brand new set that i would live to drill into my patio .

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  1. Use a roto-hammer and masonry bit. 1/4 with washers should be fine. Use plastic insert anchors, they’re easier to remove and patch in future. Roto hammers and bits can be rented, or can be purchased. Advise to get a multi functional drill that you can use for others projects. The DeWalt, Riobi, and Craftsman 1/2 drill combo’s sets or alone will have a hammer function and can be used for almost any job. I do not think the 3/8 drills have the hammer function because it requires hi rpm’s to bore smooth holes which 3/8 lack. Also try not to use the hammer function overly because it will take its toll on the tool’s life. If you have a project requiring a lot of drilling into masonry then a roto-hammer is built and meant for this use. I hope this helps.
    Good Luck

    P.S. I was thinking about this question and have an idea. If you anchor the furniture you wont be able to move around to adjust to your surroundings. If you ran 1 anchor, in this case a more permanent anchor than the plastic inserts will me advised, A drop in style anchor is recommended, for a 1/4 application the anchors require a 3/8 hole. The anchors drop in to the hole and using a driver like an old philips screwdriver, a couple good smacks in the center drive a wedge to separate the anchor in the hole. It is like inserting a nut into the cement, it will be flush as not to be a tripping hazard when not in use,. Then you will screw in a 1/4 eyelet and run a cable through it and your furniture to secure. This way they can adjust and if needed the eyelets removed for social functions and reused to secure furniture after. If I where faced with this I would use this method because of the versatility and clean look.

    I just read the below answer and must disagree with the idea of a regular drill usage. The hammer does just that as it rotates its function will also vibrate the bit as to break up the cement in its path. The head of the bit is designed to compliment this action, the rotation and bits spiral design will extract displacing the busted particles out of the hole. When a non-hammer action is used it relies completely on the bits to cut through the material. Mason bits are not cutting type bits and will get very very hot. I have seen them melt the tips completely off in a red molten drop. It will also not favor the motor of a non-hammer drill because of the amount of drilling needed just to bore 1 hole. I usually do not post when I disagree with an answer but I thought this might warrant it. Sorry to answerer below.

  2. Get a concrete drill bit and make the holes either the size of the legs, or drill holes into the bottoms and then screw them into the patio. I believe it goes without saying that a proper drill would be required for a large concrete drill bit, not your typical Craftsman but 1 used by professionals.

    Your options depend on what the bottom of the furniture is like. You may need to get 1 of those L-things to drill and screw into the floor and the furniture.

    So that people can move the chairs, try to get a swivel and screw that on; people will be able to move chairs say to get up and down from the table, but nobody could easily steal it.

    If you live in a seasonal residence, take the stuff inside.

  3. I guarantee you this will work. The brand is called Hillman TapCon and is sold at Lowes and some hardware stores. You buy the screws and the specific drill bit (make by the same company) matched for that screw. You should also buy an extra bit the same size that is meant for drilling through metal (your patio chair base). If your chair base is 1/4 inch, I’d use a 2 screw.

    Thepreferable tool to use is a hammer drill, many electric drills have this as an optional setting on the dial (its a hammer symbol). But if you have a good electric drill, it will do the job as well. You may need more than 1 bit, but once you are done those chairs aren’t going anywhere.

  4. I know this is not an answer to your question, but do you really want to put anchors into your patio? Perhaps it would be easier to connect your furniture with a thick steel cable. Use a padlock to connect the ends of the steel cable.