Can I pour concrete on a gravel driveway?

I have a gravel driveway on an incline and it is washing away. My plan was to get some gravel to patch the eroded spots and then pour concrete where the gravel is. Can this be done?

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  1. You could try it….but my guess would be that it would start to crack after a month or so….

  2. Yes but there will be unsuitable repercussions if you do. It’s much better to pre mix your mud and form it in. Lasts lot longer too.

  3. most concrete is poured on gravel …but it is usually graded flat and formed…what about where you enter a garage or meet an existing sidewalk…you may have to dig it down four in. to keep the concrete at the same elevation as the gravel is now…

  4. yes you can it will go into the stone ares and when it hardens it will stop the erostion plain and simple as to your question

  5. Yes and the erosion will move around the cement and wash away the soil. The answer is do the job right or just keep patching with gravel. good luck

  6. You appear to have loose gravel, though you aren’t very specific. If that is the case, remove the loose gravel till you get down to a firm surface. Then use the gravel to make the brand new concrete. Use a no-fines mix, that is just gravel and cement, no sand, in a 1:6 cement:gravel mix. Will not matter if there is a bit of dirt in with it, but if there is a lot you will have to wash the gravel. You can do a section at a time if you want, as you must leave expansion joints every 2 metres anyway. Make the mix as stiff as you can manage to stop it sliding down, and if I were you I would tamp it with the edge of a board across the fall to make slight ridges which will give you a good grip for tyres. You may have to buy extra gravel as the concrete should not be less than 4 (100mm) thick.