Can I put decorative gravel over a very long concrete driveway? any problems I may have ?

I have a GA n, three storey, double-fronted house would this be a good idea ? If not why not ?
I dont like the look of the concrete as a drive to an original georgian house.(More suited to a 1960’s bungalow)
It looks too contemporary and I’ve been to a lot of country houses and they always have gravel driveways.It has a feel and a crunchy sound that I like too.
Its in the UK..
Where the history comes from 😉

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  1. You would have to keep raking the gravel to keep it in place, or you’ll just end up with tracks that show the concrete.
    You could lay a screed first and press gravel into it while its wet; then it wouldn’t matter so much.

  2. If you can repave the driveway with tar then you can add gravel on top of it while it is still setting. Contact a reputable, local contractor for some advice. Then cover the gravel with a sealant so it will stay in place and it will be a smoother drive.

    Anyone that comes to your door trying to get you to repave your driveway is trying to scam you.


  4. nice house,

    make sure the water runs away and does not stay in saucer like shapes in the concrete beneath the stones, as this will make potholes by the stone grinding away at the concrete whilst driving over it. this will allow weeds to take hold in the potholes and take away from the elegance of the layout.

  5. Why would you want to put grave on top of concrete? You can always paint or stain the drive for a different look.I’ve seen that done and it looks like brand new and very nice.

  6. I think it would look great but, you should know; if it’s pebbles or other decorative gravel is going to be in a polyurethane mixture to hold them in place, you are going to have to seal it every year to keep it from coming loose or letting water come through into cracks in the concrete which will breakup the concrete.

    REVISED 7/7/06
    After reading the add’l information, I now better comprehend what it is that your trying to do. So now my answer is NO this is not a good idea for many of the reasons that others have answered. If you really want this, I suggest two options. First, you should build a curb along the entire length of the drive to contain the decorate gravel but, you are still going to have to rake the grooves caused by the tires. Or Second, you should tear out the old drive, have the ground prepared like they do in your area of the country for pouring an industrial type foundation, then pour on your gravel.–Either way have fun raking gravel! ((<:)

  7. why do not you remove the concrete and put the gravel down where the concrete was?

  8. Gravel on top of concrete is a no-no. Will move all over the place and end up on the side of the drive. IF you want to get rid of the concrete look, either have the drive way pebble-teched (expensive) or install a good ceramic tile over the concrete bed…assuming there are no cracks in it. Good old red pavers should look good, or install thin bricks over it with a good mortar made to set the bricks to concrete (thin set). A brick drive way would be my choice for you GA n home….very classy looking. Gravel is a real pain in the will end up INSIDE your home, ruin your wood floors, destroy your carpet, and make a general dusty mess in time. Good luck

  9. you will need a resin bonding to do it look for a company in your area they can do it in any colour you want

    lovely and no maintenance

  10. for god sake stop boasting about your house any georgian houses ive ever seen are very badly run down and full of rats…haha the crunchie noise you like is walking on lifeless rats…no im sorry i just feel sorry for you!!! have you no friends to boast about your house to? not surprising when you shop in places like primark