I want to put in a stamped decorative concrete patio. Any tips?

Any suggestions on what to look for in how its done. How should the color be added to the concrete?

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  2. I did not know you could do it from a home kit. Most people I know have it installed. They look very nice. Wish I could’ve this at my home.

  3. I’ve seen it done 2 ways. One company stained over the top of the concrete and 1 mixed the color into the wet concrete. Of the 2 methods, I prefer the latter to the former. Watching both over time the color infusion method simply wore better, had less problems with flaking and wearing. I’ve also seen where they put a skim coat and stamp the patten in that over existing concrete. It was done on a driveway with car traffic and now has some chunks missing. When it is laid in forms, color infused and stamped, the overall performance is well worth the price.

    PS I’m in SoCal and cannot speak for applications where there is freeze and thaw conditions. Sorry.

  4. For the most out of your investment, call a licensed contractor. If something happens they’re to blame not you. And make sure that they’re a licensed contracor and the license is active in your state.

  5. There is 1 at the house we bought last year. Looks pretty for a while, but it is extremely slippery when wet and gets black ice on it very easily. Also, all the grooves collect all the dirt and yuck and is a pain to keep clean and to sweep. It cracks just like normal concrete and is more of a pain to repair/fix. I’m glad I did not have to pay the extra to have it put in.

    Make sure you ask around your area for someone who’s reputable and then ask for a referral list.