can i use the concrete patch available at home depot to put a smooth surface on a verty rough patio?

i put a patio in last spring, but the concrete wss very dry and resulted ina n extremely rough surface. will thye concrete patch bgivev a durable andfb smooth s urface? thanks, ron

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  1. Hi Ron,

    We offer 2 different products to repair you concrete patio.

    The first is our concrete resurfacer by Quikcrete. This product is designed specifically to repair the surface of existing concrete. Just mix it and apply 1/16 inch thick over the rough surface.

    In addition Restore makes a concrete resurfacer in colors. Their Liquid Armor Resufacer is a water based, 1 part formula. It’s ready to use and will fills cracks up to 1/4 in in width.

    It has excellent slip resistance, is available in thirty six colors and will last up to twelve years.

    Stop by your local Home Depot and check them out. You’ll find the Quikcrete in the cement isle and the Restore Resurfacer in the paint department.

    Good Luck with your project

    Mike, The Home Depot Answer Man

  2. They make a concrete resurfacer for stuff like that. The patio may have a rough surface because it is required in some areas for slip resistance. Especially if it is around a pool ar other wet area.

  3. How rough is rough? Is it just not a troweled finish, or are you talking chunks of aggregate sticking up above the surface?

    You can use self-leveling concrete resurfacer to smooth a rough concrete floor. It mixes to about the consistency of a runny milk shake. Pour it out, and as the name implies, it self-levels, leaving a smooth finish without any troweling required. But it can only be applied to maximum of 5/8 thick.

    If you’ve got greater than 5/8 imperfections, best to hire a mason and have it done right.

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