I have rust on my concrete patio. Help!?

I have a birthday party for my wife coming up. I need to get rid of these ugly rust stains I have on my concrete. I have tried scrubbing them and it does not take any of the stain off it just moves it around. If anyone has a product that they use to fix this let me know please!


6 Comments on “I have rust on my concrete patio. Help!?

  1. Muriatic acid and a good scrubbing followed by a good flushing (with water). Since you will be using acid, be sure to use safety equipment (goggles/glasses & rubber gloves).

  2. A product I’ve always used to get the rust off my concrete, which i think will help you a lot.


    Just go there and look under rust remover for concrete.

    Hope your party works out for you!

  3. I have good luck with C.L.R. for small areas on our patio. Whatever product you use, hose it off well when you’re done.