How do I get used car oil out of the concrete on my driveway?

We have spilt used care oil all of my drive way in my rental house and I have tried cleaning it. I used a gallon bottle of degreaser and a powerwasher and it is better but definitely still there. What should I do?

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  1. use powdered tide, soap & kerosene
    this is how we use to clean the oil bay at the station

  2. spray can..Engine Degreaser….or oil dispersant..

  3. Get up what you can with soap and cat litter. What’s left needs to be dealt with from a different perspective. The oil will need to be diluted and evaporated.

    So, go to Home depot and get some paint thinner. Pour it over the stained area, no need to scrub it in. Allow it to THOUROUGHLY evaporate; as it evaporates it takes the oil stain with it. If you do this three or four times, depending upon how sever the stain is, it will be gone in a few weeks.

    Paint thinner is somewhat volatile, so don’t smoke around it.

  4. Put plenty of drgreaser on the stain again and let it dissolve the grease for a while. Then, put some absorbant material (like kitty litter, a product called Grease Sweep or even dry dirt) over the degreaser to absorb the grease & degreaser. Use a broom to work the absorbant material into the stained area then, sweep it all up. You may have to do this a couple of times. it works well.

  5. Pour clean petrol onto it & give it a good scrub with a brush or rag ….move all these cleaning things well away & set fire to the area & with any luck the oil will be gone. It make take a 2 or 3 attempts to totally get rid of the oil that has soaked into the concrete over time, but whatever you do before applying a second coat of petrol make doubly sure the first lot is completely out!

    Works this way for me under where my ute is parked. Vehicle is moved before commensing this task.


  6. Well do the obvious stuff such as remove all the excess with sand etc. For the stains, check your local home depot store and most actually stock an oil remover. It either comes as a powder you mix with water in a 50/50 mix or as a concentrate on it’s own.

    Let it soak in for thirty minutes and blast it away with a pressure washer (make sure to blast it somewhere safe.. check your local disposal rules etc)