Can you create a patio out of pavers on top of an existing concrete slab?

In my back yard I have a slab on concrete that is old, stained, and cracked in several places. I thought about creating a patio using patio pavers in an effort to make the back yard a very little more appealing. Can I do this? Has anyone done this themselves? Tips or suggestions?

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  1. Jess,
    Yes you can put pavers over a concrete slab as long as it is still reasonably flat. You need to put an inch of fine sand on top of the patio and lay your pavers on that. After the pavers are laid you need to use a berm of concrete around the edges to keep them from ever shifting. Then sweep sand into the joints until they’re full. Good luck.

  2. In short, installing pavers over concrete is doable, but has some negatives you need to be aware of. If money or time is not an issue, starting your project from scratch is the better choice.Check out the link below for more info,good luck.

  3. Yes clean the existing concrete by water blasting & then mix up a mortar mix to lay under the pavers…. reason to stop weeds creeping through later.
    The small gaps between each paver can be filled with a mixture of sand & cement brushed in with a broom. But make sure you attempt this job on a fine day. Once completed adjust garden hose to a very fine mist to water pavers, so as to wet cement mix between pavers. Do not jet the water onto the pavers or gaps as you will wash out the sand & cement mix!
    Spend much time brushing away excess sand & cement mix, so as not to leave stain on pavers after the job is completed.

    Note; if you just brush gaps with sand, in time weeds will grow between the pavers & look unsightly!


  4. Yes you can do this but I wouldn’t. I did this a while back and wish I hadn’t.

    Good luck if you do it.