Help with damage to concrete ‘grout’ between patio flagstones caused by pressure spraying.?

Using a water pressure sprayer, I have, inadvertently removed an area of concrete ‘grout’ around the slabs, and the wife is not best pleased. I am not very skilled when it comes to DIY, so any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

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  1. Replacing grout is about as easy as playing with mud. You slop it into the gap, run a rubber float over it to squeeze it into the void, let it set up for twenty – thirty minutes and then use a sponge to wipe away the excess. Once it sets for a few hours, go back and wipe off any film (haze) left behind.

    The hardest part may be finding mortar or grout to match the stuff that was knocked loose. You will want sand based grout. If you do not have a lot to replace, you do not need a rubber float – an old sponge or even an old squeegee will do.

    Do a search on [ how to apply grout ] for more details.

    Whatever was in there must’ve been loose to begin with – unless that pressure washer is WAY more powerful than most, it should not have come loose.

  2. Replace it , its easy – fresh batch of concrete, trowel, scraper – slap it on and tidy it up. or knock the rest out and keep digging weeds out every Five 6 months <--- murder on the old knees.

  3. it was mortar or cement grout not concrete…mix some sand and mortar three to one and some cement and sand (3 to 1) and let it dry to see what matches best…just use small amounts till you get a match…once you find the mix that matches , mix it stiff and trowel it in with a margin trowel and try not to be too messy…keep going over it every fifteen min. or so until set…

  4. don’t know what country you are in but in the uk its not the grout its the pointing ..grouting is for tiles ..and if you did it like answer no1 suggest then you’d have a right mess need to rake out the old damaged bit ..mix sand and cement ..building sand ..mix Four 1 .needs to be strong ..frost proof ..may have to buy cement dye to tone it ..mix mortar stiff will need a hand hawk and a pointing trowel ..but its far easier to screw it up than to do it neat practise first

  5. I have a similar problem and was advised to drop in the mix completely dry and then spray fine mist of water over it. If you mix it wet then any getting on the flagstones will stain them for sure.