Could a concrete/cement patio installed '08 have asbestos in it? We want it remvd to put in a pool.?

Thinking of buying a house (we need to respond quickly) in Florida built in ’02, but 15×20 cement/concrete patio installed in ’08. We want that ripped out to install an inground pool. Could the patio contain asbestos? I’ve heard concrete products can have it. Thx.
Most people think asbestos has been banned – I thought that too and learned more awhile back. Sadly, it’s only banned for public/commercial buildings like schools and a very few products as well as NEW uses (things it wasn’t already being used in). It’s actually still legal in United States to manufacture it, import it, and have it in many products. 🙁

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  1. No, I think they stopped using that in the 80s.

  2. Concrete products made in the ’80’s and before can certainly have it. But it is much much more common in concrete PRODUCTS than redi-mix concrete. It wasn’t added to normal concrete for sidewalks and patios (because weight and flexibility are generally not issues for these purposes… fireproofing is definitely not an issue).

    It was used in all sorts of different cement-board products to add flexibility. That practice was stopped in the ’80s, as was manufacturing of virtually all products containing asbestos that could be broken or crumble (friability they call it).

    Anyway… no concrete company in its right mind was using asbestos in 2008…. if not for your (the customer’s) sake then to avoid employee lawsuits.

    Any fiber added for strength in 2008 would have been fiberglass (still not great for your health to breath in).

  3. concrete Dos not have asbestos in it,
    yep its still in use but not in homes,

  4. No asbestos with that date, but if you plan on removing it yourself, silica dust from the concrete is also a concern and at minimum a good dust mask is required.