Do you select your friends by their work skills?

You know, slowly befriend a home contractor, drywall install/finish person, mechanic, electrician, pool installer, appliance repair person, plumber, HVAC person, landscaping person, mover person, computer specialist, etc.?

When something at home goes amiss, you just pick up the phone and get the work done for free or at a reduced rate?

7 Comments on “Do you select your friends by their work skills?

  1. not really i select them coz they make me laugh… their sense of humor

  2. Let’s just say that if I ever want someone to help me sniff strangers butts and inhale paint fumes – I’m pretty well covered.

  3. hmm? most of my friends work part-time jobs at malls, fast food joints and retail stores. the ones that have good paying careers are arrogant pricks to me =)

  4. I can tell you a lot of people do when I was younger I had more friends then you could Shake a stick at. Then I started to separate myself from them when I realized how many hours of my life I was dedicating to my friends and their problems.

  5. I used to date a computer technician. It was helpful to say the least. Now when I have to pay for such services, I feel cheated. I was spoiled. Gaining friends based on their skills sets you up for personal tragedy, imo.