Should I tip my landscape contractor?

He and his crew did a fantastic job, but it was expensive. Would it be appropriate to give them extra as a tip?

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  1. I don’t consider that you should tip the contractor. You could,
    however do something for the crew, who are probably not on such
    good salaries.

    Another nice gesture would be to take a hamper to the
    contractors offices at Christmas, with a card naming all
    the crew as well.

  2. Tip the crew, but not the owner. If you do give the owner a tip, specify that it be divided amongst the crew.

  3. I’ve worked for and hired contractors all of my life. I’ve only tipped 1 time, when I thought that the final bill was so low that the guy’s family must be starving if he charges so little.

    However, this is what I do:
    – Make sure that the crew has a lot of beverages and snacks available anytime that they want. Keep a cooler full of juice and Pepsi, bring muffins and coffee in the morning and cookies in the afternoon.

    – Make sure that they’ve a good place to take a break – a shady spot or a few lawn chairs.

    – Say Good morning every day and get to know their names, ask about family and girlfriends.

    If you think that they did a good job, give each a gift card to a local restaurant or even the supermarket. You might be able to think of a better place once you get to know them.

    Treat them as people instead of just labor. They will appreciate that.

  4. No.
    What I would do is to fix them a meal. Everyone loves free food. Invite them over for a barbecue or something to thank them for their hard work and to show your appreciation. It gives you an excuse to use that brand new landscape.

    Edit: If the job has been finished for awhile, I would send the crew gift cards or cater a lunch for them at the office. Get with the owner to set a date so everyone who worked on the project can be there.