Do you think its time to send Military to the Mexico border? Border drug wars threaten United States ?

Do we need the military and a big eighty foot deep and one hundred feet high fence? This is dangerous and they do means us harm .They have got weapons, high-tech radios, computers, cell phones, Global Positioning Systems, spotters, and can react faster than we’re able to, Mr. Moran said. And they’ve no hesitancy to attack the agents on the line, with anything from attack rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails to rocks, concrete slabs and bottles. There are so many agent ‘rockings’ that few are even reported anymore. If we wrote them all up, that’s all we would be doing.

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the investigative arm of Homeland Security, said in a report this year that the drug gangs were becoming increasingly ruthless against rivals, and also were targeting federal, state and local law enforcement. ICE said violence on the border has been rising dramatically over the past 3 years in what it called an unprecedented surge.

During a Jan raid on a gang operation in Laredo, TX , an ICE-led task force of federal agents seized 2 completed improvised explosive devices, materials for making thirty three more devices, 300 primers, 1,280 rounds of ammunition, 5 grenades, nine pipes with end caps, twenty six grenade triggers (14 with fuses and primers attached), thirty one grenade spoons, forty grenade pins, nineteen black powder casings, a silencer and cash.

15 Comments on “Do you think its time to send Military to the Mexico border? Border drug wars threaten United States ?

  1. It’s crazy that we’re in Iraq, but our own country is under attack by foreign invasion and nobody seems to notice.

  2. Absolutely! We need to bring our people home from Iraq to fight the real war here.

  3. This is long past due, we should do whatever it takes to gain control of our border, Military, fences, minefields whatever it takes.

  4. Well yah Id support that but we need to get them out of Iraq, then we can do that. One thing at a time.


  6. First WA Times is the Moonie paper, about as accurate as the National Enquirer.

    IF American people, especially nice, middle and upper class white American people, stopped using drugs, there wouldn’t be a market and there wouldn’t be a problem. It’s all all about capitalism baby.

  7. No. What would be the point? The only reason the drug people cross the border is because there is a high demand for drugs in the US. If there wasn’t it wouldn’t be worth their while. If you send the military to the border, the drug lords will find a different way to get the drugs into the country.

    The cost of doing this would also be extremely high. Surely the money would be better spent curing the root problem, the problem of drug addiction within the US…? Then the drug lords would have no reason to cross the border or attack anyone, they would just move elsewhere.

  8. 1. we already have military there because that is who is protecting the borders in the first place and volunteers
    2. it does not bother me because our security is much better now and i think they’re smart enough not to attack the military there because we already now that bush and the other 2 running wont stand for it and it will probably end up in like a rebel war if they attacked plus mexico is our alie they’ll help too

  9. If the United States decriminalized pot like the civilized nation it pretends to be, the drug wars would probably cease. They have got a pot SEED seller, Mark Emery as the number 1 most wanted drug dealer in the US… I do not wonder the drug runners have guns… how many of them are really drug runners? They lied to you about oil… why not drugs?

    Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.


    Suffering leads to doing whatever the administration tells you you should do.

  10. I totally agree….The immigration issue has been ignored for far too long and something needs to be done. I think that if we handled it with more force and ‘actually doing something’ for a change the violence would go way down. Anywhere there is weakness we will continue to have issues. If they’re fearless because of our lack of proper patrol they’ll continue to fight and things will never change. If things get addressed the way they should local gang violence will eventually go down as well.

  11. I think if Mexico and WA were serious on getting a handle on the cartels we’d already have troops on the border with Mexicos blessing. But we do not and probably won’t, I wonder why.

  12. Most assureadly. But the fact that we put our border patrol agents in prison for shooting mexican drug dealers on our own side of the border will make the people assigned to protect us unable to do their job. Military or border agents, when you get prosecuted for doing your job you have to wonder of it is worth doing. I say if they’re here illegally and run or smuggle drugs shoot them on sight.