Concrete Driveway Construction & Maintenance

Personalization plays a vital role in all aspects of life, and this applies for our household or business building as well. Many people will not think much about the finer detail, but there are simply things, which you… Read More

Bike preferences on commuting?

I’ve done a very little research on different types of bikes for commuting.

I’m kind of into the Trek 7.5 hybrid, supposedly its really great and cost around 500?
A touring bike? I do not know a lot about those so a recommendation would be exce…

Where I can find custom concrete pavers in WA State?

I want to buy some nice custom pavers something very nice and elegant.

What do you think illegal alien hit & run drunk driver charged with failure to stop and render aid?

The driver in a fiery crash that killed 3 people near Webster last weekend has been charged with 3 felony counts and identified by authorities as an illegal immigrant.

Jose Marvin Sarmientos, 20, was arrested Mon night at his residence in Webster, s…

What do you think illegals demand end to 287(g) but offer very little evidence to back up Racial profiling?

What do you think illegals demand end to 287(g) but offer very little evidence to back up Racial profiling,Unreported hate crimes, Families separated and parents deported for making “insignificant” mistake ?A group of fewer than ten immigration a…

Whats a good name for a concrete countertop business?

Looking to launch a concrete countertop and artistic concrete business that acid stains floors, makes custom pieces, and does counters. What is a good, hip, unique, modern name? Thank you

Ok, so an ILLEGAL drunk driver has a VALID Maryland license? Does that make sense to anyone?

An illegal immigrant who had been charged with negligent driving after law enforcement said he crashed his car while driving impaired on I-83 in Jun has been indicted on a charge of auto manslaughter, prosecutors announced this morning.

Freddy Alber…

custom concrete fountains made by are unique right?

Does anyone in California make water features or fountains by hand like he does???

Just wondered, because I want to give something special as a wedding gift to my sister.

flunking out of engineering.. dont really know why?

question sounds stupid but its true.. I mean I have a 2.8 and im not on probation so Im not literally flunking out.. but this semster has been the most depressing ever.. im on my 4th year so this is suppose to be my last semester but its looking more…

how much alcohol can i bring back from mexico?

I am heading back to the United States from Mexico in few days and would like to know how much alcohol i can bring back with me?? Does anyone have any concrete answers? One of my co-workers said he has seen customs confiscate someone’s alcohol befor…