Ok, so an ILLEGAL drunk driver has a VALID Maryland license? Does that make sense to anyone?

An illegal immigrant who had been charged with negligent driving after law enforcement said he crashed his car while driving impaired on I-83 in Jun has been indicted on a charge of auto manslaughter, prosecutors announced this morning.

Freddy Alberto Cortez Flores, 22, of Hyattsville, was speeding sixty five mph, twenty five mph over the posted limit, in the far left lane of the highway near Guilford Avenue when prosecutors said he lost control of his car and struck a Jersey wall about one a.m. on Jun 21.

His passenger, Carlos O. Cardoza Portillo, was partially ejected from the car and his right arm and head was dragged 567 feet against the concrete wall and a chain link fence, the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office said. He was pronounced lifeless on the scene.

Law enforcement said Flores’ speech was slurred and that officers detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Cortez told law enforcement he had swerved to avoid a vehicle that had cut him off. His blood alcohol level was determined to be .09 percent, according to law enforcement charging documents.

Cortez, who has a valid MD driver’s license, is being held without bail at the Baltimore City Detention Center. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency as put a detainer on him to prevent his release from custoy and could begin deportation proceedings after his trial in Baltimore.

8 Comments on “Ok, so an ILLEGAL drunk driver has a VALID Maryland license? Does that make sense to anyone?

  1. Yup. If he would have been LEGAL he would have been deported anyways. Right?

  2. aww c’mon, they just want a better life. stop being so mean.

  3. It makes sense only to those who have no respect for our constitution, our immigration laws and corrupt politicians.
    I think any politician who excepts money from an organization that represent illegals should be thrown out of office for taking a bribe.
    How many deaths are caused by illegals every year not counting OD’s, and other drug deaths?
    100,000 to 200,000 or more.

    Not counting my link

  4. MD is a sanctuary state for illegal aliens; they’re foolish enough to give illegal aliens drivers licenses. Hopefully, the citizens of this state will 1 day wise up and throw out the Dimocrat allies of the illegal alien invaders.

  5. There is a explanation for how this happened at least. For a very long time, MD was 1 of several states very weak requirements to obtain driver’s licenses. They didn’t require birth certificates or proof of legal citizenship. This was indeed a huge problem, as illegal immigrants would come to MD just to obtain licenses, which they would use as legal IDs to do the usual things you need IDs for without ever revealing they were illegal. Things came to a head when a review of MVA records showed something like 800+ people had registered for licenses at the same street address in Baltimore! For this and many other reasons, MD CHANGED it’s law. Effective Jun 1, 2009, you now have to provide proof of citizenship, thus closing this loophole that was exploited for so long.

    The problem here’s Mr. Cortez most likely got his license BEFORE Jun 1, 2009. Obviously the MVA couldn’t force everyone with licenses to come back in and prove citizenship, because it would apply to every adult in the entire state. The good news is that people like Mr. Cortez will gradually start getting weeded out and eventually all of these ill-gotten licenses will expire. It’s not perfect, but it is a solution at least

    I hope this shed some light on the issue for you and everyone else.

  6. Only to the racist hispanic la raza nazi KKKlan with a Tan MESSYcans.

  7. ANY state which allows illegals to obtain Drivers’ Licenses should have its licenses stop being recognized as valid Idaho for entering planes and other secure areas.

    Drivers’ Licenses are de facto National Idaho Cards. We use these cards to prove identity before entering jets or secure Gov’t buildings.

    Any state which doesn’t assure that only valid residents gets licensed by that state deserves to have their state licenses declared invalid for identification purposes in screening situations.

    If some illegal messican can get a license and board a jet, then what’s to stop a terrorist from getting a false license and board a jet…with a bomb!

  8. Of course. MD s governor loves illegals. There was a time not long ago that MD would hand out licenses and ID’s like candy. Didn’t need much proof of being a state resident. Hundreds used the same address to obtain a drivers license. Thankfully that has changed recently.