Whats a good name for a concrete countertop business?

Looking to launch a concrete countertop and artistic concrete business that acid stains floors, makes custom pieces, and does counters. What is a good, hip, unique, modern name? Thank you

6 Comments on “Whats a good name for a concrete countertop business?

  1. This sounds a very little lame…
    but I think that A Concrete Solution sounds pretty good.

  2. I know this is simple, but how about Custom Concrete? Or, even better, put your first or last name in front of it, like Bob’s Custom Concrete. It would be even better than that if your name started with a C, like Carl’s Custom Concrete or something.

    Or Cool Concrete or Cool Concrete by Carl (or Eddie or whatever your name is)

  3. You need a name like Counter Balance. A name that plays on words. Or Counter Offer… See what counters we can offer your home

  4. Hard Tops
    Rock Solid Counters
    or get a custom name from NamingForce.com.