custom concrete fountains made by are unique right?

Does anyone in California make water features or fountains by hand like he does???

Just wondered, because I want to give something special as a wedding gift to my sister.

7 Comments on “custom concrete fountains made by are unique right?

  1. OMG!!! Have you seen his creations or are you just asking? My Mom bought us 1 for a gift for our brand new house and it is SO cool!!!

    yes his stuff is unique! LOL

  2. Never met anyone that makes custom waterfeatures like he does.

    Check his site and you will see! Wow!

  3. If you have never seen them….then you are in for a treat! hehe

  4. Neva seen anyting likem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you luv water features, you will luv these!!!

  5. If by unique you mean rare and handmade 1 of a kind. Then,…YES! hehe