how much concrete do i need for 800 sq.feet patio?

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  1. That depends on how thick you want your pour to be.

    If you pour a 4 thick slab you need just under ten yards. 9.8 yards to be exact.

    Use the concrete calculator below to figure out exactly what your needs are. Do not forget to rebar and seam your slab.

    one cubic yard = twenty seven cubic feet.
    800 square feet x thickness (in feet) say 4 (4 = 0.33ft)
    800 x 0.33 = 264 cubic feet
    264/27= the cubic yards = 9.8 cu/yds

  2. You should calculated by Square cube ,which probably your patio is 20’x40′ and you need at least 4 thick concrete.
    20’x40’x1/3’=266.6 square cube feet
    On each package of the mix mortar concrete it right how much area in cube will be cover .

  3. Order ten yards from a transit mix truck. Forms in place, and lots of help.

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