Where I can find custom concrete pavers in WA State?

I want to buy some nice custom pavers something very nice and elegant.

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  1. if you have a lowes store or walmart they both carry them. but, wal mart will only have them in the spring and through most of summer.i jus bought some from lowes to sit a coal stove on, they’ve a selection of colors.

  2. Lowes, Home Depot. They aren’t custom like you can have made special order but they’ve a nice selection in house..

  3. there is a retail store in sequim wash. that carries nothing but landscape stone-n-pavers of all shapes and designs. sorry i have no name for you.

  4. custom pavers… i do not think you gonna find something better than sandru pavers.
    they have unique pavers that you could select from and they’ve even phosphorescence pavers
    ( glow pavers ) if you are still not satisfied with their selection give;em a call and they could help you out.