Jo Yeates – worked as a landscape architect ……. isnt that just an ordinary gardener?

I guess that makes me an Information Technology Engineer …..

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  1. i think you’re sick trying to make jokes out of murder
    Spare a thought for the parents of Joanna Yeates, the architect from Bristol who has just been found lifeless on Xmas day. They must be kicking themselves for all the money they’d wasted on presents.

  2. spose so,, just like you being a sales rep selling the big issue.

  3. No – there’s a clue in the job title. Landscape architects are architects that specialise in … you’ve guessed it … landscapes. Training not as arduous as normal architects (for obvious reasons) but usually requires a degree which covers everything from planning, law, qauntity surveying and other building related disciplines. So no … not the same as an ordinary gardener!

  4. Go onto the Landscape Architect webpage and you will find it is a lot more than digging gardens and weeding flower beds, and cutting the grass etc…
    Her occupation is not really a issue and why make it into a kind of joke or ridicule the poor woman…?

  5. Dave, I like you a lot but this question is just wrong

    Wrong in the moral sense. I mean the poor woman was

    poor taste, sorry

  6. can you imagine the headlines if it had been a black or white male that was murdered?? i think they would be something like this…..


  7. Oh dear, not too clever are we?

    Landscape architects require a lot of training and have a lot more skill than a regular gardener. Its not just planting flowers you know.

    This question overstepped the mark. I love that you have theories on the culprit but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. How can you be horrible about someone who was murdered.

  8. I’m more concerned about the fifteen year old kid in East London who was found lifeless in a bath on Christmas Eve. That’s the story I’m interested in. What was the relationship of the twenty seven year old man and woman to the boy? They were related.

  9. actually regardless of whether Dave G is trying to be subversive or sick it’s a fair question to ask, and to the person who asks what difference it makes the answer is virtually none as far as she or her family or anyone whose opinion really matters at the moment.

    but the media have been pretty well confused about what her vocation was and I’ve seen thus far landscape architect, landscape gardener, architect, and gardener all listed as her job from the BBC Sky and Guardian online and TV services.

    I think the awkward truth is that some of those working in the media may be labouring under the conception that a young lifeless architect is more important than a young lifeless gardener. It either gives their story more clout or makes the coverage feel more valid. I could be wrong but that’s what it feels like. Someone else here has confirmed existence of ‘landscape architect’ job title so i do not feel misled by media but their confusion is odd, seeing as Yeates family and the law enforcement have been relatively transparent in the case’s development and findings. I can’t imagine anyone close to the case misinforming media about her job.

    I imagine this guys gonna be found tout suite. Hope he gets lynched.

  10. I thought she might have been a tv architect (or landscape architect, whatever…), given the repeated emphasis placed on her job in the reports. But she wasn’t famous, no?