do you think this is a cruel thing for a six year old to do?

I once saw the six year old son of some people I know playing in their garden, the child’s cousin was also in the garden, she was one 1/2 year old girl and she was copying every thing he did when the very little boy became aware of this the first thing he did was go to wall in the middle of the garden about two feet high and jump of it, he then stood their and watched the one 1/2 year old try to do the exact same thing…. their was a solid concrete patio at the bottom of this wall…by the time realised what was going happen and got outside she was already on the hard floor crying
do you think that was cruelty on the part of the six year old boy or just a childhood lack of empathy?

11 Comments on “do you think this is a cruel thing for a six year old to do?

  1. A bit on the cruel side, although a 6 year old is not always capable of deep consideration of the consequences of their actions.

    I trust he received some consequences by way of instruction.

  2. Children are not cruel, he was merely playing. This is a 6 year old we are talking about. I’m surprised that he noticed at all that she was in danger.

  3. It was a scientific experiment.

    Stop judging others and look in the mirror and judge only yourself.

  4. it sounds like a curious six year old to me. curiosity often overshadows empathy in children

  5. The Six Year-Old probably did not comprehend what was happening but they shouldn’t be left alone in the garden when she*s one 1/2 and he’s 6. Not the Kid’s fault though

  6. Emily Andrews presumably hasn’t got children, or remember when she was a child. Children most definitely CAN be cruel. However whether this boy was deliberately being cruel or merely thoughtless is hard to say. What needs to happen now is that is parents respond by explaining that such behaviour is not good, and that he must never act in such a way again that could put a younger child in danger of being harmed.

  7. Well, it mean but he is only six and does not quite comprehend the consequences of his actions. It’s actually the parents fault for not supervising them.

  8. It is cruel. But a 6year old dosent full comprehend the consequesces of hes actions, n to all of this were were the parents o both boys!? Parents should always be around deir children, never leave ur child unattended.

  9. Kids can be cruel. I guess its all part of learning for them but at the same time they’re also not great at thinking about consequences and they do lack empathy. It was most likely a combination of the 3 that caused this.

  10. I doubt the boy considered the concequence of landing on concrete for the younger one. He was playing and it wasn’t his responsibilty to ensure the safety of another child.

  11. The 6yr old may be a very little brat, but the toddler should have had an adult watching over her. At eighteen months old, she is still a baby. The fault lies with the parent