How do you turn a concrete driveway into a lawn?

WE have a large concrete area that we would like to make into a grass area, but have no idea how to even begin! So… do we need to remove the concrete or can we just put a thick layer of compost /soil over it and plant seed or turf it???

5 Comments on “How do you turn a concrete driveway into a lawn?

  1. You need to break up and remove the concrete, plus any hardcore foundation underneath it.

    If you contact some local skip companies, may of them deal in topsoil as well as removing rubble, and that would be a far cheaper way of getting the soil back up to level than buying it in bags!

  2. You gotta rip out the concrete. A demo company will have it out in a day or two.

  3. Get rid of concrete and add grass. Easy!

  4. depending on the type of grass used just add soil i covered a smaller concrete area and put kikuyu runners in it still there would neve dream what was underneath the grass if put deeper soil layer down do not see why could not work for your application

  5. NO! You’ll have to remove the concrete, otherwise, nothing’s going to grow, trust me. The roots of the plants and grass need to reach down into deep soil, and a thin layer of dirt over concrete won’t retain water and nutrients like regular soil. You’ll have to break up the concrete and put in fresh brand new dirt and plant whatever you want on that. Plus over time, I’m sure rain will erode the soil completely off of the concrete, leaving bare patches and a very ugly spot on your lawn!