Flagstone Cutting Advice?

We’re laying a one hundred sq. ft. patio using two – Two 1/2 in. Pennsylvania bluestone irregulars. These guys are big and weigh a ton (well maybe eighty lbs. to 150 lbs.) We wanted to go big since we do not want to deal with shifting and settling as much. Here is my question:

I am using a Four 1/2 in. Dewalt angle grinder with a diamond wet/dry cut wheel to score the stone from 1 side for my cuts. It can go a very little over one in. deep on the first pass. When I use the stone chisel and maul to make the final break I keep having stones break completely perpendicular to my intended cut! It’s driving me crazy!

I’ve considered renting a wet saw but the stone are way too big to pick up and down. Just moving these things is an effort. The angle grinder is nice because you can go to the stone.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just to be expected? I am doing the breaking in a sand bed to keep stress to a minimum.

4 Comments on “Flagstone Cutting Advice?

  1. I use my Milwaukee skill saw with a stone cutting seven 1/4 blade in it. I have put down countless stone patios and have found this to be the cheapest and most controllable way to cut the blue stone. Some times i run water on the stones when cutting,but most times i just cut and stay up wind of the dust.I cut all the way through the stone so not to have them break out of shape.The saw will cut up to three inches in depth so you won’t have a problem. Good luck.

  2. I have used a cement blade in my circular saw to cut cinder blocks in half, so i’m sure that would work for you also. Those blades are less than $10 at home depot.

  3. rent a gas powered concrete saw ! its like a chainsaw but has a round diamond blade youll be able to cut up four inch thick stone . you can get 1 for wet or dry cuting

  4. These blades that the 1st 2 guys talk about are cheap and I would try that route 1st. If not you can rent a chain saw type cement cutter .These have a big twelve and sixteen in diamond blades Dusty isn t even the word for using either of these two methods so wear ear and dust masks. GL