Hey Ya'll, what do you think about about Stamped Concrete?

6 Comments on “Hey Ya'll, what do you think about about Stamped Concrete?

  1. I think it looks great when you use a good looking pattern and put it the right situation….you want to think about cleaning/clearing snow , walkability and durability.

  2. It looks great but is difficult to put in. Not too many contractors in my area are even doing it. (South TX ) I have seen it inside and out but if inside, you have to reseal it every few years. A hassle but worth it because if it is done right it will last forever.

  3. Love it!
    An associate of mine does it as part of her business, we live in southeast TX .
    She seems to stay very busy with it!

  4. We had our patio and 3 walks done in stamped concrete. It is really nice. You get a lot of choices of patterns and colors. We have several neighbors who have also had it done to their parios or porches.

  5. Pavers are less money and have a great look. Go compare some homes with Stamped and Pavers

  6. expensive…hard to keep clear in winter…no way to make a good looking control joint…ok if you live where winters are mild