Can you use decorative indoor concrete on staircases?

I would like to put decorative concrete inside my house, however didn’t know if I could apply it to my staircase as well? Does anyone have any ideas regarding this? Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. try it. take pics and post them. Then we will know whether or not to make the same mistake or to take the risk.

  2. do you mean like tile, because yes, it looks good, but it has to be done right.

  3. I’m not actually sure what decorative concrete is, but if it’s like regular concrete, grout or mortar you will need a fairly thick layer for it to be stable.

    Also, any cement product will have a different COE (coefficient of expansion) than wood or wallboard and they would probably break away from each other over time. I suggest reading the label on whatever packaging it comes in, you may find the information you need there. You may also find an 800 number you can call with questions.