Can someone help me come up with a business name for my decorative concrete floor business?

The line of work consists of acid stained concrete floors, and other decorative custom concrete creations. To give you some keywords to help with the business name, I live in Memphis, TN. My name is B-r-i-a-n —-D-e-a-s (I spaced this because I dont want every tom dick and harry knowing about this when they search my name on yahoo)…lol…. Names I like are custom, creative, concrete, crete, acid stained, IDEAS (since my last name is in the word Ideas. Any help would be GREAT! I am creative, but I would like to see what you guys and gals come up with. thanks, Brian

14 Comments on “Can someone help me come up with a business name for my decorative concrete floor business?

  1. Decorative Concrete
    Concrete Flooring
    Memphis Flooring

  2. This may not be too creative but I think it works.

    Concrete ~I~Deas

    Simple, somewhat create and to the point.

    Good luck!

  3. what about (Bricid floors) …. your name is brian and you work with acids on floors ….. sooo

  4. Concrete I-Deas
    Acid I-Deas
    Creative Concrete
    Decorative Concrete Creations
    or Decorative Concrete
    Floor I-Deas

    Keep it short and simple, and have a by-line that more fully describes what you do on your letterhead, stationery and business cards, such as ‘Custom Designed Acid-Etched Concrete Floors’

    Good luck!!

  5. Beautiful Concrete by D-e-a-s
    Custom Concrete I D-E-A-S
    Star Surfaces by D_E_A-S

    I have a stamped concrete floor in my basement and I love it.

  6. BriDeas Custom Concrete
    BriDeas Custom Flooring
    Concrete BriDeas
    BriDeas on Acid
    Concrete on Acid

    Got Concrete? Let BriDeas Custom Flooring give your concrete a decorative flair!

  7. Sensible Stains
    Custom Flooring iDEAS
    IDEAS four Your Floors
    Koncrete Kreations
    Deas Designs
    Deas Decorative Floors
    Concrete Illusions
    Crafty Concrete

  8. Custom floor Ideas by Brian…sounds good to me.Or just Floor Ideas….