Can stamped concrete be repaired?

I just had a stamped concrete patio put in. The finish in the center of the patio it is very poor, rough, uneven , and choppy. The concrete company stated that they’ll grind down the bad section of concrete refill it and stain it. Is this a sound method for repairing the concrete or is it just a half ass way to repair it. Oh yea the day the concrete was being stamped the guys were yelling that it was drying too fast could this have something to do with it? The company said that it has nothing to do with the finish.

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  1. hiya, i am an installer of patterned concrete, if it dried too quickly then yes that is probably the cause, when you say they’re going to grindit down…are they gonna do that in the middle of the patio??? at the very least they should make a clean cut and remove the bad bit…the cut needs to be straight so it can be reliad correctly….if they’re only gonna grind it down then don’t accept it…the concrete needs to be a minimum of 100mm (4 inches) thick otherwise it will crack and lift….anyway…if the company have anything about them they would replace the whol thing!!
    hope this helps

  2. i had that problem too…..they will destroy the part you dont want, then fill it again, it will be fixxed, but you will always see the difference in color…..even if they stain it, it is best just to leave it the way it is if they’ll charge you for it. if they wont charge you (or it just looks really bad) then it is better to get it fixxed….then see if it is visible, depending on the lighting (i noticed at nights it is not as noticable, or in the shade) and see if you want to cover it with a table or mat. the frying too fast definetly has something to do with it. if concrete drys too fast ( if it is a cold day or very hot day ) then it will leave cracks.

    good luck

  3. To be done correctly, it should be busted out then repoured and restamped. Otherwise, in the future, it will become brittle, chipping and cracking from a thin layer being added.