Is there any reason not to comprehend why there are problems in Iraq?

interviews with eyewitnesses and survivors of each incident describe similar circumstances in which Blackwater guards took aggressive action against civilians who seemed to pose no threat.

They killed her in cold blood, Hussein Jumaa Hassan , 30, a parking lot attendant, said of Hussein, a clerk in the Iraqi customs office in Diyala province, she was in the capital to drop off and pick up paperwork at the central office near busy al Khilani Square, not far from the fortified Green Zone.

Hassan pointed to the bullet-pocked concrete column behind him. He’d hidden behind it.

I was boiling with anger, and I wished that I had a weapon in my hands in those minutes, he said. They wanted to kill us all.

Anyone who moved was shot until the convoy left the square, witnesses said. Also among the lifeless was Kadhim Gayes , a city hall guard.
Danial J I got my news from Yahoo. Liberal I do not know. Spent 2 years in Iraq in tents with these knucklehead PSDs. Sat worried while they were drinking and cleaning there guns. Made comment to the military who made me out to be the problem. Drugs, booze and testosterone (some artificial).
Nobody was minding the store.
Never judge a book by its cover honey.

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  1. There are problems everywhere. Humans know too much these days. Technology is our only evolution.

  2. Better brace yourself for the tirade.

    Funny how the same people who oppose abortion are in favor of killing children. Fascism at its best. A private business allowed by the government to kill for profit and without supervision.

  3. It just shows the War was never about freeing the Iraqis, democracy or terrorism! This administration are the biggest terrorist and use freedom and democracy as their reason. What a Shame!

    It’s all about oil and profits!

  4. Obviously you are getting your news from the LIEberal media and they’re interviewing the Muslims over there. Got news for you honey, neither the LIEberal media nor the Muslims of that area are capable of telling the truth. We have seen it way too many times. I agree that the Black water guards have killed people but there is more of a chance they’ve killed ones that were standing in the way of their terrorist friends.

    Got the address of the Black Water? I wanna join just to piss off liberals.

  5. Closed minds. Lack of faith in the news media to report all of the facts. Political parties who twist the facts and promote their own agenda.
    Fear is the main reason people do not admit they’re wrong. Fear is lack of faith in them selves. Ego’s won’t let them admit they’re wrong.
    So we block out everything that contradicts what we want to believe.

  6. I’m sure you can find PLENTY of people in the Oil or Arms Business- who think everything is going JUST FINE- in Iraq….. 🙁

  7. another lib fantasy………………… that’s what security is about.kill them first, then ask questions later.obviously none of you numb nuts have been in a war zone.