how can i start to become an landscape architect.?

im only in 7th grade and i want to start now to become the best landscape architect i can be!

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  1. First of all learn to draw and draw and draw. This will tune in your observation skills which are essential. Study nature. Study the work of great architects (Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller, Le Corbusier, Santiago Calatrava etc) Here’s a list to get you started:

    These are some videos that will be very inspiring to you.

    Most importantly be persistent and patient. All good things take time, good luck in your career!

  2. Before seventh grade i had wanted to become a landscape painter and artist- it had always been my dream. i am currently eighteen and have already sold plenty of paintings [9 in the last 2 months].

    You want to be a landscape architect, however. This is the same philosophy you must comprehend: never ever give up. Do research on the computer, get your parents involved and do not let them ever tell you that being a landscape architect is dumb. There are some landscape architects that make good money and some that don’t make any money at all- you have to be the top statistic.
    I would start with doing your research visiting sites like
    and also watching HGTV perhaps and youtube videos on landscaping how-to’s.
    learn from the best, and never give up.

    Then you can decide on schooling a very little bit later in life.
    Also, if you have any sort of landscaping that needs to be done in your yard, or neighborhood, do not be afraid to offer to do it. You could go around and offer plans for people, say, once you get into the 9th or 10th grade- i did this and it worked out great. you have to have a creative eye and make it so the customer WANTS you to work for them, not simply because they feel bad you are a kid.

    Our generation has to be the winning statistic. We have to never give up.

  3. Always good to start early. Do research. Look at landscaping ideas on the internet, books, magazines. Ask or interview landscape architects.

  4. Find a community college nearby. Community college is welcome to the community! So i’m sure it will go for all ages. Just have your parents help you for registration cause it will cost for a class. Also talk to an advisor or counselor. Because you may need to take a class such as introduction to architect before you get into the landscape architect… But if you want to study your mind first before learning what it takes to become a landscape architect. It’ll be a good idea to become good at math. Try to get into trig. I’m sure you’ll need to take some type of GIS,surveying, or even perhaps some civil classes for landscape architect which will also involve a lot of practical trig/geometry.