how thin can I pour a concrete patio?

I was going to pour a small concrete patio behind my house. Like 10′ x 12′. I was wondering how thin can I pour it? Would three inches be too thin. I was thinking about framing it up with 2×4’s, and adding some gravel in the area where the patio will be to bring it up, so I can use less concrete. I am going to be doing a big driveway, and a couple walkways, and I was trying to save as much money as I can by pouring the walkways, and patio as thin as I can. Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Go ask the expert in home depot. usually its about six inches in depth

  2. 3 as a very minimum and if you can toe the edges out to 4 even better. Make sure any hardcore is compacted well.You will need at least 4 on the driveway.Do that in sections with expansion joints, it will minimise the risk of cracking.

  3. Most standards require 4. You will not be saving that much by only pouring 3 so what is just a few more dollars?

  4. 4 inches would be better adding gravel is ok.

  5. It depends on your local building code but it is always better to spend a bit more now than have repairs down the road. You did not mention it but you are going to use rebar, right?

  6. It all has to be no less that four inches thick. Othewise, it will be too thin and it will be likely to crack more easily.

  7. Depends on several things, like soil conditions, strength of concrete used, and type rebar or wire reinforcing you might use. Generally I would not pour anything less than four inches. You should also remember to consider the frost line in your area, particularly if your located in the north. You may need to add a grade beam down to below the frost line if you don;t want to end up with cracking and unlovely surface.